But stabbing it is a must do.

I am quite a loser. I stick around. Specially, when I am not needed, or wanted?
Its hard for me to realise that I am not wanted anymore. Inevitably, I had chosen to be around someone’s life for longer than I should have. I realise, it is quite a flaw that I comprise.
It’s simple. Probably my role in their life has ended. And this is the kind of rejection that’s hard to accept because I had been once so important for them. It is hard to accept that my role in this story has ended. It isn’t my story anymore. And probably, it’s time to move on. These words are a brutal stab in the heart. But stabbing it is a must do.

But, I don’t let go easy, never.
So, here I am trying to find my way back to my own story rather than hanging out in the sidelines of another.


8 thoughts on “But stabbing it is a must do.

  1. nope.. nothing is difficult. U need to believe in what you want to do.. and you can win over the whole planet.. dropping a person is a vry li’l thing compared to everything else.

  2. Dropping a person ain’t a little thing. More so if it’s someone you love.
    You leave ur entire Soul hanging on a precipice. And life suddenly tastes infinitely bitter. There is regret for being such a stranger to urself. And regret kills.

  3. I am sure all that you say is true. But, i donn wanna believe in it. I want to stab my heart, shed some ppl and move on.

  4. A time comes when you do become irrelevant in someone’s life….. I guess such people are the ones who were with you cause they needed you, not because they wanted to….or chose to be with you..

    1. @medha: maybe you are right.. maybe you arent. All for I knw is.. my heart is strangely too stubborn to listen to me.

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