its Okay!

The hardest lesson I learnt is that good people also hurt. Growing up opens a lot of doors for us, kills the definition of good and bad, black and white and fades it into the unhealthy shade of grey.

Some people that you believe are you angels also offend you. No matter how loving they are, they will sometimes be harsh and mean. No matter how perfect they are, at some point or the other, they will say something that you weren’t expecting them to say.
And that is okay. They are only humans and not angels.
I think it was the “okay” part that was the hardest for me to grasp.

It is okay when someone you are affectionate about behaves a little irrationally. Its okay when they don’t love you back anymore.
Too often we just forget that. We ask for a break but we are not willing to give one. Sometimes, the easiest and the most peaceful way is to give up. Give up on a few people who are messing with your set of expectations. If not permanently, may be temporarily. I would rather become the tree that sheds off its torn-away and faded-yellow leaves to accommodate the newer and greener ones, than the tree that dies with all its faded and old leaves.



2 thoughts on “its Okay!

  1. It really hurts to read this, but I know it’s true what you say. 🙂 One day, I started a new life in a new city where I knew no one, I still had my family but no real friends left, then I met this guy who became my boyfriend, he was literally all I had, he was my everything while I turned out to be just another nothing to him, just one of the people he (ab)used for a while. Then he run away and let me down and after these 7 months that he’s gone and haven’t heard from him, I still escape inside the lie that he comes back one day because what’s meant to be will find a way, but deep down I know he won’t, but I can’t let go of my ‘everything’. He treated me wrong but I think I’ll love him forever… Or the memories? Giving up hurts so much.
    And I really loved the very last sentence! 😉 I completely agree with you on this!

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