Include me In.

You hated him initially. With time, he charmed you with his ignorant pride.
And then, you talked, talked and talked.
He made you blush with his silly acts instead of his not-so-generous words.
He walked with you kilometres aimlessly.
He stayed up nights with you, singing romantic ol’ songs.
He sat beside you staring at you from the corner of his eyes watching the sun rise.
His conversations started with an important social cause and ended with silly fights.
He came down to meet you on cold cold nights, just because you’re upset.. and that wordless “I Love You” to comfort you.
On late evening walks, he drew out his hand out of his pocket, hestitantly clasping your fingers tightly into his, and then quickly let it go. That restlessness in his face, made you go.. “awwww” on it.

And, this “He” was your friend, lover, charmer, sometimes just another stranger.
How many of you have mistaken that for love?

Well, you are not the only one. Include me In.


5 thoughts on “Include me In.

  1. I did… I went through exactly the same as you and I feel so sorry for you! I know how much it hurts, but we’re not alone.. 🙂 Stay strong *hugs*

  2. It did happen to me too…
    I guess its because girls fall for friends and guys always want a princess from the sky kind of thing… :O

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