Heels n Peels. My Growing up Deals.

It was not very long ago. I loved high heels.
Not very long ago, i would shop across the whole city for the best shoes with the best heels.. the higher, the better. It made me a li’l more taller and I would walk with dignity. The huge cars. The short dresses. And my high heels, what a picture perfect Life I had.
Life switched a little. The motorcycle took over my car. The rugged jeans took over the cute dresses. HIGH HeeLs were constant. The bike ride. The wind in my hair. My messed up curls. Hairs in my eyes. Somebody scared on the ride.
And, I laughed.

Growing up, isn’t as good as I had thought it would be. I somehow, don’t wear heels anymore. Not, because I can’t wear them, but for I don’t like them anymore.

It oddly reminds me of peeling oranges.
As a 7year old, I was obsessed with the entire process of peeling an orange. On winter afternoons, all I would do is peel oranges and try sqeezing it on my cousins around. Eating it was very rare though. Never would I get bored of the texture, colour, and the awesome smell. Specially the way I could spray the colourless liquid onto my skin, squeezing the peel.
That just made me Happy.. made me giggle as well.

Now, I haven’t peeled an orange with much heed in god knows how long. Yes, I drink orange juice on every winter afternoon though, had it not been that, i probably wouldn’t have even remembered the smell. I don’t even remember seeing the peels in the last many years, forget the squeezing.

Today, High Heels remind me of Honey Singh’s song and I try finding extracts of Orange Peels at my body scrubs. Growing up, really isn’t worth it. Life has got more and more complicated. Now, its more of Make-Money-Grind, Stress, Competition, and things that definately doesn’t give me JOYS. I miss the small joys in life that made me smile. Silly joys, i could call joys without being laughed at. My point is, whats the point in growing up.. when smiles become rarer, joys harder to find and cheap thrills mundane?

Some joys are thankfully still alive.


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