Poila Baishak: Bengali’s NEW YEAR.

So, here is our new year.

My “New Year”.

and as this yr is about to start.. i am making a list of things i want to do..

Wake up early. Go to bed on time, meaning not 4am!
Write everyday. Read books I already have and not the ones I just get.
Eat healthy. Eat more veg food and learn to cook more of veg food.
Cook in. Eat at home more. Avoid restaurants. *Lose Weight*
Take walks. Take pictures.
Document my life.. via the blog, and silly li’l pictures.
Eat more fruits. Make salads at home.

Be more productive. Laugh loudly and more often.
Hand-write more. Use the pretty stationery I have lying around.
Travel more. Take more road trips.
Be kinder to myself. Not worry so much.

Speak up. Be more forgiving.

Give myself pedicures and manicures at home.
Soak up the sun. Wear my sunglasses.
Make decisions easily. Be more silly.

I don’t want to be stressed out this year. I want to be happy. Silly. And smile more 🙂


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