That is how you lose a person!

They met at the crossroads tonight in the dark. They met because it was destiny. She walking back home. It was all in a moment. Two eyes locked in a moment and then they were far away from each other moving in the opposite directions.

It was a short glance. She thanked Him in her mind for letting her grow up.

After she had walked away  far from the place, she realised she didn’t even turn back to see him walk away.  She forgot to turn back!

He was the guy she always wanted to meet but now she dislikes the idea. He was the one she always wanted to spot in a crowd but never could, and today when she met him, neither did she smile, nor did she greet, and to top it all she didn’t even turn back to see him walk away. Perhaps because there was no need. There was no emotional connection or rather very little of it to do anything ahead.

He was among those who couldn’t have had enough of her smile. Infact, she smiled only because of him. An year ago, the thought would have been painful, perhaps to both of them. But, not anymore.

She was just a little surprised with her set of emotions and its changing ways. She remembered the last time she saw him, she turned around three times while driving, back to see if he turned back and waved. And, he did. Her heart melted inside with glee. Perhaps, this time there was no need to look over her shoulder.

She realised that people don’t lose someone all of a sudden. They usually let go of a person each day at a time. She did the same.

She let him go in parts.

The feeling of love and its charm, were the first things to leave her. Then the sudden urge to call up for no reason was gone. Then urge to check on Facebook and text messages constantly, blurred. Finally, the phone calls faded away.

With time it was hard to picturize the colour of his eye balls or recall his scent. Then perhaps, the liking towards him vanished. Then the smile lost its warmth; and the laughter, its joy. The words turned from bitter-to-cynical-to-just-ordinary and before she knew it, that Face- that face became just another face in the crowd. That is how you lose a person, one thing at a time.

As, she walked down the path in the dark, she didn’t look back. Perhaps, he is loved by some other girl, and her heart yearns for another man.


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