So they ask me.. why didn’t I get married? At 25+ some years, when do I plan to get married? Why do I always postpone marriage proposals? Who is my ideal man? Or am I secretly in love with someone they don’t know? Or is it that I am so heart-broken that marriage and relationship is not in my checklist? Why am I not in their list of “normal girls”? Why do I change my professional choices so often? Why can’t I stay in a routine 9to5 job? Why can’t I stick to a normal life? Why do I feel the need to travel so many times a year? What am I running away from? What am I running after?

Well, I am running after happiness, peace and prosperity. I am running away from negativity, crabs and all that is mundane. I plan getaways to explore, to stay away from the crowd. I travel for I seek happiness in my solitude. I have only one life and I want to live to the fullest, I don’t want to be bound by a 9to5 job. Ofcourse money is important, so I look out for options I can take as long as I am young and free. Law, Psychology, Designing, Apparels, Business.. I have it all in a single platter. And, I want to explore more. What is your list to be a “normal girl”? Yes, I am a girl who wants a home other than the one that belongs to my father and my future husband. I like being independent and more importantly I love being Free. I am a reckless driver, whimsical writer, maniac photographer, a travel enthusiast, an aspiring globetrotter, an advocate of startups, paranoid gambler, a crazy kid, doting daughter, loving sister, angry friend, and an impatient n silly lover. And if thats not your definition of normal, I am not. Heart-broken?? Well I believe I have two hearts – one is always broken, the other is always whole. Yup, I am secretly in love. Self-love is the term. I don’t really have a definition of an ideal man yet. Someday I hope, I would. You see, I am a free-spirited, bold, laid-back, independent girl and I care way too much about myself to even think about someone else. And to that question, why am I not married yet or not going to marry anytime soon?? That my love is because I am yet to find a man I would die without.


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