Hello.. This is a small announcement. I am planning to buy this domain soon. So, deleting my other blog and shifting it here. I am going to post the same old posts here for the next few days and then after a fortnight will continue posting new posts.

Quick Intro for all those who are new here, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blog comes here.
Okay.. for all those who know me.. know how lazy I have been with this. All my besties know of this and how much I have postponed this blog. And for all the others who don’t know me.. and is here.. Welcome girls. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Okay a tad bit of details..
Some 8 odd years ago.. When almost every single friend of mine started blogging.. I started one too. It was a poetry blog. Some years later.. I realised that was more of a sad poetry blog. I got up one morning and realised.. Ahh!!! This is so not me! And I deleted the whole blog. I am whimsical like that.
One year later when I was bored of travelling and missed writing (okay that particular year I travelled six times to opposite directions of the country.. Yes I am stuck by Wanderlust, just like that)  I started another one.. a Travel blog, a Picture Blog and a Journal blog.. grrrrh! Well none of the above mentioned blogs exist any longer. Because I am so crabby.. One Moment, One Random thought.. and I deleted them all. But then it was only a few months.. And I needed a place to store my best writings because I am so careless that I keep losing pen-drives. And, I also wanted a place to vent out my turmoils and thoughts. So, it was then I started this WordPress Account.

I am an amateur though with most of the make-up products, I am lame at highlights and super lazy. Infact if you saw me some 5 years ago.. I was so tomboyish that I didn’t know the brands of cosmetics most girls used then. I had no idea of the basics of makeup, I was sun-tanned as hell. Infact I was brought up among guys mostly(a bunch of all brothers’s only sister).. My hobbies included cycling in the Sun, swimming in the rains, riding my daddy’s motorcycle, going nature hiking, landscape photography and the things like that.
But then.. Like they say.. All little girls grow up. So, did I. Okay atleast, thats what I believe now. 😛
Here I am trying to learn more and sharing the little that I know. Please be generous with my mistakes and correct my wrongs.
Heres to the world..!!!
Please feel free to comment and follow.

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