Silly Boy

In her dark world, entered a prince. Tall, not-so-dark, handsome. She resisted him to her full strength. He invaded all her walls, entered forcefully. Finally her resistance broke. He created a virtual web for her. She started believing, she finally had someone who cared for her. She kept stating her fears, he promised, he would never leave her.  She started falling for him. That’s when he declared, he was just being good to her and didn’t even consider her to be his friend. It was very late. She was already caught in the web, she didn’t want to loose him. She tried becoming what would suit him the best. She kept lying to put up a better face in front of him. She wanted to be the girl he would fall in love with. Things got worse, a third person entered the story. Jealousy rose to its peak. Unable to express her emotions, she chose arrogance. He choose distance. They parted their ways.

Some months later, she decided to confront him. There came a letter from his end stating he didn’t want to hear from her, and that she should stay away. Another year from that day, she decided to speak, tell him the truth, he deserved to know. She called him to find out, he belonged to another woman. She spoke to him for about half an hour congratulating him on his new found love. He chose happiness, she opted silence.

6 years later. She finds out, his lady love that he-was-so-crazy-about is happily married to another man. He lives isolated in a port, void of any social media attention. She wants to call him up, share his greif, for she knows how it feels when your beloved is owned by another individual. But, what would she answer if he questioned her on why she still wants to join the broken pieces of his heart? They aren’t even friends. She dreams of him on odd lazy mornings, Sunday afternoon naps and thinks of him on restless and sleepless nights. His voice still echos in her ears, the flirty one-liners, the songs he couldn’t sing, the poetries he could write, the paintings he intended to create.

I wonder if he even remembers her, I wonder if she will ever forget him. I hope they meet. I hope she is able to confess of her love this time. I plead that he falls in love with her this time. I plead that they stay together for life.  I pray that they get married. I pray that they are blessed with beautiful babies and live together till eternity. Because I am a sucker for these love stories, and I can’t wait to hear more of what happens next in this tale.

P.S- I hope he finds this, and goes back to her. Silly boy.


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