Why are you not open to relationships?


So, this week I met this old school friend of mine, who asked me this eerie question: “So why are you not open to relationships?” I tried those, “I am yet to fall in love”, “It doesn’t happen to me easy”, “I keep falling for the weird ones”. And, finally after jabbering quite a lot, we got diverted and the conversations took its usual turn. But this night, I have been really thinking, this might be the common question asked to many women like me. So, what do they answer? So, I did this quick survey asking a few of my friends, on how they react to this question. People came up with answers like, “I am a workaholic, I don’t have the time for love”, “Maybe, its not the right time for a relationship yet”, “I am yet to find the right one”, “I have been into too many shitty relationships to get into another”, “I still have something left with my ex”, “I am in love with my freedom, I don’t want to be committed”.. And Blah!
And, then I asked myself, whats your reason miss? Well my answer is no different. I fall for the good guys and get bored of their goodness, and then, I fall for the bad guys and realise they are bad influence to my soul. I am back to square one.

So, the conclusion is you will have plenty men come your way before you figure out why you always keep falling for the wrong ones. Here, I am making a quick list on why they never work out usually.


So, once in a blue moon comes these books, tv series or movies that almost tells your life story. You relate to their protagonists. Automatically their love interest is what you start looking for around you. Anything close to that character and you fix your target, failing to realise what looks good in books, doesn’t even work closely in real life. You imagine yourself as the damsel in distress and expect a saviour like that in the books and movies. But real life is Savdhaan India and Movies are Fifty. Get real girls!


You have been an arrogant brat all your life. Nobody could ever chance you. Suddenly you have a friend who is too keen in your life. The more you ignore him, the more persistent he gets. Your resistance breaks down. He adds an unexplored side to you and you suddenly find yourself doing too many things that you weren’t comfortable with at first. These changes gives you an adrenaline rush. But girl are you really inherently the person he’s making you into? Or is he just influencing your thoughts? Check out!


All your life, you have had boys running after you. You have always have had all the attention. Suddenly you come across this guy who doesn’t care about you, he won’t even bother being nice. Your mind takes it as a challenge and there you go, tumbling down that tunnel, trying to win him over. How do you not see it? It’s written all over him—he doesn’t care. Or are they playing mind games with you, you would never know.. unknowingly, you would do all that he would make you do with his ignorance. Watch out girls, its only your ego. Draw a line before you fall into their trap.


Strangely enough this concept is so cliché and common. The idea of having an older boyfriend never gets old. You initially love it for they are more mature and you start believing on their experience of things. And then their master stroke in every argument, “I am older than you and I know it better than you”, kills your perspective. Now who’d ever want to be in a relationship like that? Some women still do, most of them opt out.


He is tall. He has a pair of deep intense eyes, beautiful lips, wonderful voice. Oh well, not everything can be controlled, especially not lust at first sight. You ignore the fact that you might even not be compatible with each other. You ignore all the red flags just for the pleasure and the thrill of being with him in the moment. Be aware girls, not the best way to go about!

You’re clearly not thinking straight here, so there’s no saving you from your own doom. So, this time think before you fall for another wrong guy.
And, forgive me for being so preachy.

Lots of Love.



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