Patanjali Aloevera Gel: Review



  • Its works for both dry and oily skin. Hydrates the dry skin and balances the oily skin.
  • Works wonders for sensitive skin and sunburns.
  • Gives a soothing/ cooling sensation, if applied post waxing/threading.
  • Does not burn a hole in your pocket. Its cheap and affordable.
  • Hygienic and travel-friendly packaging, comes in a tube.


  • It has added colours and preservatives
  • The ingredients are not clearly mentioned.

What they Claim:

Aloe Vera Gel for natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots.



Aloe Vera 90% W/V , Base Material – q.s , Permitted Colours – Tartazine Yellow and Brilliant blue , Vitamin E , Fragrance and Preservatives q.s

My Story:

Back in 2011, I was on a 2 month long intensive trip. I had to complete most of North India. I followed no regular CTM then. I rarely used a sunscreen then. Mostly I washed my face only once before bedtime. I was super naive to believe oily skins don’t require a moisturiser. So, basically I was on a trip out of my comfort zone. To think about those days, scare me too.. don’t give me that weird look. Howsoever, it was the 16th day of my trip and one morning I got up to find my skin around my lips super dry, achy and flaking. It was a dry patch. To my horror, even boroline couldn’t cure it. I called my mom up, and she advised me to buy this product. Patanjali was not that famous a brand then. Shops were rare. I travelled 9kms to get this product. That day and this day.. I always have this product for sun burns, acne, dry skin troubles, oily skin acne, post waxing gel, post threading gel, hair mask, face mask and what not. I have used more than 20 of these tubes by now. I would rate this product a 5/5 if the ingredients were clearly mentioned in a more detailed manner.

How I Use This:

  • For Skin: I use this for various purposes.. moisturiser, as a face mask mixed up with other ingredients, to give more details I would have to write another blog post. I ‘ll keep it precise here and write another post on various ways to use this, and link it here. I also use this as a post treatment for waxing and threading.
  • For Hair: I use aloevera gel as a leave-in conditioner at times and also use it as a hair mask mixed up with castor oil.

Price: 80 for 150ml.

My Rating: 4/5.


Why are you not open to relationships?


So, this week I met this old school friend of mine, who asked me this eerie question: “So why are you not open to relationships?” I tried those, “I am yet to fall in love”, “It doesn’t happen to me easy”, “I keep falling for the weird ones”. And, finally after jabbering quite a lot, we got diverted and the conversations took its usual turn. But this night, I have been really thinking, this might be the common question asked to many women like me. So, what do they answer? So, I did this quick survey asking a few of my friends, on how they react to this question. People came up with answers like, “I am a workaholic, I don’t have the time for love”, “Maybe, its not the right time for a relationship yet”, “I am yet to find the right one”, “I have been into too many shitty relationships to get into another”, “I still have something left with my ex”, “I am in love with my freedom, I don’t want to be committed”.. And Blah!
And, then I asked myself, whats your reason miss? Well my answer is no different. I fall for the good guys and get bored of their goodness, and then, I fall for the bad guys and realise they are bad influence to my soul. I am back to square one.

So, the conclusion is you will have plenty men come your way before you figure out why you always keep falling for the wrong ones. Here, I am making a quick list on why they never work out usually.


So, once in a blue moon comes these books, tv series or movies that almost tells your life story. You relate to their protagonists. Automatically their love interest is what you start looking for around you. Anything close to that character and you fix your target, failing to realise what looks good in books, doesn’t even work closely in real life. You imagine yourself as the damsel in distress and expect a saviour like that in the books and movies. But real life is Savdhaan India and Movies are Fifty. Get real girls!


You have been an arrogant brat all your life. Nobody could ever chance you. Suddenly you have a friend who is too keen in your life. The more you ignore him, the more persistent he gets. Your resistance breaks down. He adds an unexplored side to you and you suddenly find yourself doing too many things that you weren’t comfortable with at first. These changes gives you an adrenaline rush. But girl are you really inherently the person he’s making you into? Or is he just influencing your thoughts? Check out!


All your life, you have had boys running after you. You have always have had all the attention. Suddenly you come across this guy who doesn’t care about you, he won’t even bother being nice. Your mind takes it as a challenge and there you go, tumbling down that tunnel, trying to win him over. How do you not see it? It’s written all over him—he doesn’t care. Or are they playing mind games with you, you would never know.. unknowingly, you would do all that he would make you do with his ignorance. Watch out girls, its only your ego. Draw a line before you fall into their trap.


Strangely enough this concept is so cliché and common. The idea of having an older boyfriend never gets old. You initially love it for they are more mature and you start believing on their experience of things. And then their master stroke in every argument, “I am older than you and I know it better than you”, kills your perspective. Now who’d ever want to be in a relationship like that? Some women still do, most of them opt out.


He is tall. He has a pair of deep intense eyes, beautiful lips, wonderful voice. Oh well, not everything can be controlled, especially not lust at first sight. You ignore the fact that you might even not be compatible with each other. You ignore all the red flags just for the pleasure and the thrill of being with him in the moment. Be aware girls, not the best way to go about!

You’re clearly not thinking straight here, so there’s no saving you from your own doom. So, this time think before you fall for another wrong guy.
And, forgive me for being so preachy.

Lots of Love.


5 Places to eat at Srinagar

Okay this time, I am back with it again. Srinagar this time. The Paradise on earth.

Disclaimer: I am not pro. I can only write about my experiences. Forgive me for my innocence


  • Best for Kashmiri delicacies.
  • Located at Ahdoos Hotel, Residency Road
  • My Favourites: Wazwan, Mutton Badami Pasinda, Mutton Dhania Qurma and Rogan Josh.

2.  Muhal Darbar 

  • Best for Kashmiri delicacies
  • Located at Residency Road
  • My Favorites: Rogan Josh, Mutton Yakhni, Rista, and Keema Naan.

3. Lhasa

  • Best for Chinese and Tibetian food
  • Located at Boulevard Road.
  • My Favorites: Thukpa and soups.

4. Asha Bengali Dhaba

  • Best bengali food available in Srinagar
  • Located on the ground floor of Claridge guest house.
  • My Favorites: They mostly have thalis. Its the usual bengali meals alu posta, katla macher jhal, murghir jhol. **Recommended only for bengali tongues like me who feel deprived without macher jhol ar bhaat, otherwise skip this, its not the best bengali food.

5. Nathus

  • Best for breakfast and strictly vegetarian.
  • Located at the Boulevard Road.
  • My Favorites: Chola Bhatura, Pav Bhaji and a range of sweet dishes.
    **Highly recommended for breakfast.


Something I cant skip mentioning:

  1. Try Peera’s rajma chawal enroute Srinagar
  2. Sheep kebabs in old Kashmir Streets.
  3. Sewaiya in various streets of Kashmir.
  4. The home-cooked food the houseboat owners provide is awesome and its a must try.



Silly Boy

In her dark world, entered a prince. Tall, not-so-dark, handsome. She resisted him to her full strength. He invaded all her walls, entered forcefully. Finally her resistance broke. He created a virtual web for her. She started believing, she finally had someone who cared for her. She kept stating her fears, he promised, he would never leave her.  She started falling for him. That’s when he declared, he was just being good to her and didn’t even consider her to be his friend. It was very late. She was already caught in the web, she didn’t want to loose him. She tried becoming what would suit him the best. She kept lying to put up a better face in front of him. She wanted to be the girl he would fall in love with. Things got worse, a third person entered the story. Jealousy rose to its peak. Unable to express her emotions, she chose arrogance. He choose distance. They parted their ways.

Some months later, she decided to confront him. There came a letter from his end stating he didn’t want to hear from her, and that she should stay away. Another year from that day, she decided to speak, tell him the truth, he deserved to know. She called him to find out, he belonged to another woman. She spoke to him for about half an hour congratulating him on his new found love. He chose happiness, she opted silence.

6 years later. She finds out, his lady love that he-was-so-crazy-about is happily married to another man. He lives isolated in a port, void of any social media attention. She wants to call him up, share his greif, for she knows how it feels when your beloved is owned by another individual. But, what would she answer if he questioned her on why she still wants to join the broken pieces of his heart? They aren’t even friends. She dreams of him on odd lazy mornings, Sunday afternoon naps and thinks of him on restless and sleepless nights. His voice still echos in her ears, the flirty one-liners, the songs he couldn’t sing, the poetries he could write, the paintings he intended to create.

I wonder if he even remembers her, I wonder if she will ever forget him. I hope they meet. I hope she is able to confess of her love this time. I plead that he falls in love with her this time. I plead that they stay together for life.  I pray that they get married. I pray that they are blessed with beautiful babies and live together till eternity. Because I am a sucker for these love stories, and I can’t wait to hear more of what happens next in this tale.

P.S- I hope he finds this, and goes back to her. Silly boy.

Things to do in Amritsar

Places to Visit:

  • The Golden temple: the main attraction of Amritsar, holiest shrine of Sikhism but millions of people, both pilgrims and tourist visit from all over the world. Its open all day, the temple door shuts down from 1am to 3am.
  • Wagah border: Located 29kms from the city, wagah is the only road border crossing between India and Pakistan. It lies between Amristar and Lahore. Thousands of people gather daily at sunset, to see the extraordinary and boisterous ceremony of lowering the national flags on the border crossing. Autos/Taxis are available from the Golden temple Gate on both private and shared basis.
  • Jallianwala Bagh: At a 2min walking distance from the Golden temple is this Garden. But it holds a very important place in our Indian history for its tragic event in 1919. It has a museum which shows us some parts from history. And, there is a light and sound show happening in the evening which recreates the events from the past. Usually open from 7am to 5pm. The light and sound show’s timming varies with winter and summer timmings.
  • Town Hall: 1km from the Golden temple is the town hall, the house of a lot of restaurants and shopping centres.  Very near to it, is the Partition Musuem.
  • Durgiana Temple: Around 2kms from the Golden temple is the Durgiana Mandir. Its the virtual replica of the Golden temple.Its devoted to Goddess Durga, but they also call it the laxmi narayan temple. Open from 6am to 10am.
  • Gobindgarh Fort: Another 2kms from the Durgiana Temple is this Fort. I couldn’t visit this one because it is under construction since the last one year. But what I have read and heard is its an architecture lover’s wonder. It’s made of bricks and lime, and is laid out in a square. It has 25 cannons mounted on its ramparts. The main entrance, Nalwa Gate, Killer Gate is the back entrance. An underground tunnel runs towards Lahore.
  • Mata Lal Devi Mandir: 2kms from Gobindgarh fort and 3.5kms from Golden temple. The temple is the shrine of 20th century female saint Mata Lal Devi Ji popularly known as ‘Pujya Mata Ji’. It was built on the lines of the sacred Vaishnodevi temple in Katra, Jammu. You have to walk across caves and little water channels to reach the temple and the locals call it ‘Gufa Vaishno Devi Ji’.
  • Rambagh Gardens, Summer Palace, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama: 3.5kms from the golden temple and 2.5 kms from the Amritsar railway station. Visit these places if you have time and is interested in the historical past of Amritsar. The battles fought and won. The summer palace is now being restored and converted into a museum. It is one of the earliest examples of a maintenance free cooling system.
  • Ram Tirath: 14 kms from Gobindgarh Fort, 15 kms from Golden temple is Ram Tirath.This historic temple is famous for Hindus. Popularly believed to be Rishi Valmiki’s ashram, Luv-kush’s birthplace, The natives believe the famous battle between Luv-Kush and Lord Rama was fought in the surrounding forests.


Things to Shop:

  • Amritsari juttis
  • Woolen garments
  • Punjabi salwaar suits
  • Phulkari stoles and dupattas
  • Sandalwood carvings
  • khandas, Karas (sikh religious bangle), swords, daggers and Sikh symbols made in metals

Things to Eat:

Aalo Kulcha, Amritsari Fish, Lassi, sarson ka saag. For restaurant recommendations.. 5 Places to binge in Amritsar

For the whole travelogue: A day in Amritsar!

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution: Review


  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Gets rid of the tan and hyper-pigmentation.
  • Gives you a bright glow.
  • Lightens acne scars, also helped me with chicken pox scars.
  • Its a clear solution and not very sticky, acts as a wonder makeup base for me.
  • Silicone-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.
  • Comes with a dropper packaging, very hygienic to use it and only two drops each day runs for almost two to three months.


  • Glass bottle: I am always scared, I might break it.
  • Does not work well if you don’t use a moisturizer and a sunscreen along with it.
  • Highly Priced.
  • Availability is a major issue, Available only at Kiehl’s stores and, our local cosmetic and skincare stores will not have this, so we end up buying this product on MRP.

What they claim: 

A serum that diminishes the appearance of dark spots. Highly efficacious dark spot corrector is formulated to have a visible impact on a broad spectrum of dark spots. This clear and corrective formula visibly diminishes the number and intensity of dark spots and discolorations. With a potent, latest-generation clarifying complex of Activated C, White Birch and Peony Extracts, the formula penetrates skin’s surface to help correct the appearance of dark spots and unify skin tone. With daily, continuous use, skinimg_1852 is visibly brighter, more even and radiant with a visible improvement in clarity. Dermatologist tested for safety and gentleness. Tested on all skin types, including sensitive.

My Story:

So, back in March 2014.. I was affected by Chicken Pox which left me huge marks all over my face. I was done trying it all from medicated skin creams to coconut water. Nothing worked for me. And to add to my fate my skin had become super sensitive and prone to breakouts. Then a friend introduced me to Kiehl’s. I walked into their store to try my hands on it. They didn’t have sample sachets available for this product, unwillingly enough I purchased the whole size product, along with blue herbal moisturizer. It was only one week and I could feel the difference. My breakouts began to diminish in size, maybe because of the blue herbal moisturizer., but nothing really happened to the dark spots. I knew I was expecting results too soon. After about a month I noticed, the tan fading out, the spots lightening. But thimg_1850e Chicken pox spots were stubborn. It took me two bottles to fade that out. And not only that, the texture of my skin got so much better. Its loaded with amazing ingredients.

Just to name two of them, the activated Vitamin C protects our skin from daily sun damage and the Salicylic Acid helped me get rid of acne. Today, I swear by this product. Yes, I agree this is not the sole product I used to get rid of acne and dark spots, I followed a good CTM too. But My Rating for this Product is a total 4/5.


Price: 4450 for 30ml.

My Rating: 4/5

The Visual Aspect

Hello.. This is a small announcement. I am planning to buy this domain soon. So, deleting my other blog and shifting it here. I am going to post the same old posts here for the next few days and then after a fortnight will continue posting new posts.

Quick Intro for all those who are new here, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blog comes here.
Okay.. for all those who know me.. know how lazy I have been with this. All my besties know of this and how much I have postponed this blog. And for all the others who don’t know me.. and is here.. Welcome girls. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Okay a tad bit of details..
Some 8 odd years ago.. When almost every single friend of mine started blogging.. I started one too. It was a poetry blog. Some years later.. I realised that was more of a sad poetry blog. I got up one morning and realised.. Ahh!!! This is so not me! And I deleted the whole blog. I am whimsical like that.
One year later when I was bored of travelling and missed writing (okay that particular year I travelled six times to opposite directions of the country.. Yes I am stuck by Wanderlust, just like that)  I started another one.. a Travel blog, a Picture Blog and a Journal blog.. grrrrh! Well none of the above mentioned blogs exist any longer. Because I am so crabby.. One Moment, One Random thought.. and I deleted them all. But then it was only a few months.. And I needed a place to store my best writings because I am so careless that I keep losing pen-drives. And, I also wanted a place to vent out my turmoils and thoughts. So, it was then I started this WordPress Account.

I am an amateur though with most of the make-up products, I am lame at highlights and super lazy. Infact if you saw me some 5 years ago.. I was so tomboyish that I didn’t know the brands of cosmetics most girls used then. I had no idea of the basics of makeup, I was sun-tanned as hell. Infact I was brought up among guys mostly(a bunch of all brothers’s only sister).. My hobbies included cycling in the Sun, swimming in the rains, riding my daddy’s motorcycle, going nature hiking, landscape photography and the things like that.
But then.. Like they say.. All little girls grow up. So, did I. Okay atleast, thats what I believe now. 😛
Here I am trying to learn more and sharing the little that I know. Please be generous with my mistakes and correct my wrongs.
Heres to the world..!!!
Please feel free to comment and follow.

The Ambivert I have become..

So some years ago, this night.. this time.. I would be out, all decked up in a pretty dress celebrating the New Year’s Eve now. And now, I am sitting up on the window pane at the top most floor of this building and watching people dance on the streets celebrating new years. That brings me to write this post so that I can help more people like me understand themselves better.

I was born to an extrovert father and an introvert mother. As a kid, I was more attracted to my father’s lifestyle. I loved him. More so, I wanted to be like him. So that was my adolescent years all about. Travelling multiple times each year, being outdoors, being social in most public gatherings, meeting new people, making friends, starting random conversations, getting to new places that’s opened up, laughing hysterically, long phone conversations described me. And this was my lifestyle too. I was a rich daddy’s spoilt brat. One fine morning my dad passed away. I coiled up for years trying to become an introvert in the sadness that prevailed in me for the loss of my favourite person, my beloved mentor. But like they say, life goes on and we are forced to live the life we have always lived, rather conditioned to grow. My lifestyle remained the same, but growing up cultivated my choices.

No, I was not an introvert yet.. but I started taking life through a different set of lenses. I started going out again after a few years had passed away. I suddenly realised, I didn’t like the crowd any longer. I was no longer the flamboyant speaker who would speak to new people, and make friends in seconds. In fact I preferred to be the observant. I loved being that. It was a peaceful place to be. I travelled and I still do, but rarely do I talk to a co-passenger. On Friday nights, I chose to skip dinners and cook at home. On Saturday nights, I chose to skip pubs and read a book instead. On Christmas Eve’s I started skipping the parties and opted for quite dinners. On New Year’s Eve I started skipping the countdown bashes to sit down on window and think about how to make my life more organised and watch other people celebrate their Eve. Like most introverts, I didn’t have the expression issue. It was always my choice, whether and when I wanted to or not. I could still speak up my mind. I could still laugh hysterically provided I am with a friend, but I make new friends no longer. I could still talk to a random stranger but I preferred not to. I only talk when a topic excites me or I keep a strong POV about it. And, as soon as I am done proving my point, I would not utter a word and be the best listener. I am always looking for knowledge in any form, listening to people and their experiences help me fetch them. I am so sorted in my professional life that you would never know how unorganised I am in my personal life. One day, I am up to get the world, and I am the most social person you ‘ll ever meet. And on another days, all I would do is sleep over the whole weekend. I need peace and quiet time with myself. I am very persistent at times and very impatient at other. Pushed out of my limits, I am quite a monster inside me. I can relate to both introvert problems and extrovert problems. I am aggressive, whimsical, and  then I get bored easily. But no, I am not shallow. I am an Ambivert!


There is a very thin line in between an extrovert and an ambivert and then again an introvert and an ambivert. An ambivert can be a bit of both the worlds, yes they have problems in the crowd and yet again, they can hang around in the crowd, provided you can keep them curious and excited.

2016: That it was!

So this year was about gaining weight, taking a lot of risks, buying a car, being responsible, not having an accident driving, breaking a mobile again, travelling less, learning to give back at the negative people, standing up for my POV.

2017 should be about losing weight, eating right, learning yoga, managing time better, getting organised, giving up on the wrong people, be around positive people, Go Goa, Go South-India, road-trip ladakh, get a new place for self, be more strategic, be more social.

At 25+ some years

So they ask me.. why didn’t I get married? At 25+ some years, when do I plan to get married? Why do I always postpone marriage proposals? Who is my ideal man? Or am I secretly in love with someone they don’t know? Or is it that I am so heart-broken that marriage and relationship is not in my checklist? Why am I not in their list of “normal girls”? Why do I change my professional choices so often? Why can’t I stay in a routine 9to5 job? Why can’t I stick to a normal life? Why do I feel the need to travel so many times a year? What am I running away from? What am I running after?

Well, I am running after happiness, peace and prosperity. I am running away from negativity, crabs and all that is mundane. I plan getaways to explore, to stay away from the crowd. I travel for I seek happiness in my solitude. I have only one life and I want to live to the fullest, I don’t want to be bound by a 9to5 job. Ofcourse money is important, so I look out for options I can take as long as I am young and free. Law, Psychology, Designing, Apparels, Business.. I have it all in a single platter. And, I want to explore more. What is your list to be a “normal girl”? Yes, I am a girl who wants a home other than the one that belongs to my father and my future husband. I like being independent and more importantly I love being Free. I am a reckless driver, whimsical writer, maniac photographer, a travel enthusiast, an aspiring globetrotter, an advocate of startups, paranoid gambler, a crazy kid, doting daughter, loving sister, angry friend, and an impatient n silly lover. And if thats not your definition of normal, I am not. Heart-broken?? Well I believe I have two hearts – one is always broken, the other is always whole. Yup, I am secretly in love. Self-love is the term. I don’t really have a definition of an ideal man yet. Someday I hope, I would. You see, I am a free-spirited, bold, laid-back, independent girl and I care way too much about myself to even think about someone else. And to that question, why am I not married yet or not going to marry anytime soon?? That my love is because I am yet to find a man I would die without.