Patanjali Aloevera Gel: Review



  • Its works for both dry and oily skin. Hydrates the dry skin and balances the oily skin.
  • Works wonders for sensitive skin and sunburns.
  • Gives a soothing/ cooling sensation, if applied post waxing/threading.
  • Does not burn a hole in your pocket. Its cheap and affordable.
  • Hygienic and travel-friendly packaging, comes in a tube.


  • It has added colours and preservatives
  • The ingredients are not clearly mentioned.

What they Claim:

Aloe Vera Gel for natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots.



Aloe Vera 90% W/V , Base Material – q.s , Permitted Colours – Tartazine Yellow and Brilliant blue , Vitamin E , Fragrance and Preservatives q.s

My Story:

Back in 2011, I was on a 2 month long intensive trip. I had to complete most of North India. I followed no regular CTM then. I rarely used a sunscreen then. Mostly I washed my face only once before bedtime. I was super naive to believe oily skins don’t require a moisturiser. So, basically I was on a trip out of my comfort zone. To think about those days, scare me too.. don’t give me that weird look. Howsoever, it was the 16th day of my trip and one morning I got up to find my skin around my lips super dry, achy and flaking. It was a dry patch. To my horror, even boroline couldn’t cure it. I called my mom up, and she advised me to buy this product. Patanjali was not that famous a brand then. Shops were rare. I travelled 9kms to get this product. That day and this day.. I always have this product for sun burns, acne, dry skin troubles, oily skin acne, post waxing gel, post threading gel, hair mask, face mask and what not. I have used more than 20 of these tubes by now. I would rate this product a 5/5 if the ingredients were clearly mentioned in a more detailed manner.

How I Use This:

  • For Skin: I use this for various purposes.. moisturiser, as a face mask mixed up with other ingredients, to give more details I would have to write another blog post. I ‘ll keep it precise here and write another post on various ways to use this, and link it here. I also use this as a post treatment for waxing and threading.
  • For Hair: I use aloevera gel as a leave-in conditioner at times and also use it as a hair mask mixed up with castor oil.

Price: 80 for 150ml.

My Rating: 4/5.