Goa’s Ark, Anjuna, Goa

After an hour’s stroll in the Wednesday flee market in Anjuna, I was cranky, hungry and mad for the Sun was shining on the top of my head. I needed a place to refuel. I googled up on whats around and found this one.

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700 metres from the Wednesday #fleemarket in Anjuna, is this garden themed restaurant. Perfect for a laid-back afternoon, plus a warm welcome from the owner. Every guest is attended well.

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They have awesome food, pleasant ambience and a mini-farm/zoo in the backyard. I couldn’t have asked for more. Places like these make my heart skip with joy because what else is life without relaxing food and a pleasing ambience.

LOCATED AT: 907, Market Rd, Monteiro Vaddo, Flea Market Road, Anjuna, Goa 403509

Open From 10 in the morning to 12 midnight.

CUISINES: Mediterranean, Middle-eastern.

VERDICT: Worth your time and money 🙂

P.S- If you are in Goa and staying around Anjuna, enquire with them they have yoga classes scheduled too.

P.S.S- A must visit after your anjuna shopping 😉


Love Love,



tea tree deep cleansing nose pore strips: review


My Story:

It was a mid summer of 2015 and I was looking for a good anti-tan face pack at a newU store. Suddenly I came across this box package. I flipped it over read it’s details and decided to give it a try. That day and this day.. I religiously follow this step in my skincare routine every fortnight. I have had black head problem on my nose since like forever. I had tried all those DIY remedies available online, but nothing really worked for me. And then when I got my hands on these. Voilà! I have used innumerous sachets of these nose strips and they work just good for me. I have been repurchasing this and will continue to do so.

Available at: newU stores and newU website online.

Price: Rs. 225/- for a box of 6 sachets.

What they claim:





  • It’s quick and easy
  • Travel friendly
  • Does what it promises.. gets rid of black heads and white heads.
  • Does not get you any zits post the procedure.


  • It dries up the nose after you strip it off. You feel a slight itchy sensation.
  • Needs a moisturiser post application.


My Rating: 4/5.

Kama Ayurveda Coconut Oil: Review

IMG_2146My Story : For the Love of Coconut. Be it the oil, water or milk.

Hello World. Sorry for vanishing away suddenly. I was out on a trip to South India. Mostly because of work but secondly and most importantly I wanted a break from my regular normal routine. I would update all of that in the blogs to follow and put up a link to that here too. But what brings me to review Coconut Oil today? Well in my growing years, when most of my family was obsessing over mustard oil and its benefits like a normal bong family, I hated mustard oil. Its strong smell burnt my eyes and nose. On the another side, coconut oil that we used for our hair seemed cooling, calming and alluring. I started using it even on my body. I have probably used all those variants of coconut oil that was available in the local stores in the 90s. From Nihar to Uttam, From Parachute to Shalimar.. I have used them oil. Shalimar was my favourite though until I grew up to realise it had wax and other chemicals that could be damaging in the long run. It was then that I bumped into Kama Ayurveda and their Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil in 2014. I had also used other organic coconut oils by then by a few other brands, but it wasn’t that satisfying. This product lived up to my love of the coconut oil. I have used more than 6 bottles of this, and is definitely a repurchase for me. P.S- Another reason I loved South India, Oh yes, I found more people like me. People who were equally obsessed about coconut oil 😀

Kama Ayurveda is famous for the fabulous oils they make. One among the many is Coconut Oil. And, because I am just back from Chennai while I type this, coconut oil has to be mentioned. Among that various health benefits of coconut oil, amazingly it also plays a vital role in our beauty. It nourishes and protects. As a kid, when the beauty business was not so booming and our mothers has very selective about the things they applied on their skin. There were two oils. We, Bengalis religiously followed two rules. Coconut oil for the hair and face. And Mustard oil for the body. Howsoever enough of my ranting. Here’s what they claim.

What They Claim:

  1. Overview: A highly versatile oil that can be used to condition the skin and hair. An ideal moisturiser for the body, it makes the skin smooth and even textured. Applied directly to the skin or hair before washing, Coconut oil makes a very effective conditioning treatment. Soothing dry sensitive skin or scalp and adding lustre to damaged hair. Highly recommended for baby massages. This Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Organic, pure and cold pressed (processed without heat) to retain its unique balance of nutrients.
  2. What to expect: A light, non-sticky and easily absorbed oil with a pure, tropical Coconut scent. May freeze in bottle due to unadulterated nature of the product. A light, non-sticky and easily absorbed oil with a pure, tropical Coconut scent. May freeze in bottle due to unadulterated nature of the product. IMG_2181
  3. How to use: Warm a small amount in the hands and massage gently all over the face/body. Leave for 30 minutes, cleanse post treatment with a mild soap or body cleanser. For hair, simply apply to scalp and gently massage hair from root to tip. Leave for 20 minutes, cleanse post treatment with a mild hair cleanser and warm water. Can be used from head to toe, by all skin and hair types.
  4. Ingredients: COCOS NUCIFERA OIL- Also known as Coconut oil, or Coconut Milk. Cocos Nucifera helps keep the skin soft and smooth. It also helps prevent premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin. It removes dandruff, helps in checking greying and falling of hair and makes the hair look lustrous. It is also known to heal stretch marks. It is mild, thus works well for sensitive skin.


  • Non-sticky and non-greasy unlike other oils.
  • 100% Natural, Organic and Cold Pressed.
  •  Fast absorbing.
  • Helps remove Tan.
  • Conditions damaged hair.
  • Evens Skin Tone.
  • Prolonged use could help one achieve smooth skin.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover
  • Can be used as a facial massage oil
  • Can be applied to damp hair (only 2drops) and it works better than any serum.


  • I maybe biased for my love of the coconut oil, but I didn’t find any.


Price: Rs. 595/- for 200ml


My Rating: 5/5.


Available at: